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Scenario (after concert)

Brother: What’s that? flashlight?

so I was like…… 

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My 2nd Shoe “Concert” Project Requested by my client! (My co-VIP to be exact!)

NOTE: The idea in this shoes is not mine. It was requested by my client and I hope its okay for the real owner *Mianhe* I tried my best not to copy all your idea (Nothing beats the orignal! Your custom shoes) 

My ideas : Colors, laces, and the chibi versions of TOP 

For shoe request you can message me in my tumblr account
 or message me thru email

And yes~~ im done! <3 



!@#!@#! so many things to do! I’m not donee yet!! >.<  

11 days before The D-Day (duhh!. BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR IN MANILA )

!@#!@#! Freakin’ exzoited and for the preparation I decided to create my “custom-made shoes”

As you can see there’s only one shoe because I’m not done its completely plain and dull for me (I guess?)  haha 

and Whoever did this  cutie bears thank you so much! I don’t own your idea but I just want to use this bears for my shoes. 

I guess you know them right? :))


I don’t own this image
I Got this from imageshack while browsing the web
Thank you to toanyvips for cute gif!

Credits to and


Wow - Fantastic Baby!


Bigbang Dominating the charts on Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, and others. PWNED! Perfect All-Kill!! (Photo screenshot is not mine)