The Random Writer
Hi!. I'm Mary Grace (매리 그레이스) not that old nor not that young. Likes random stuffs, ideas, ice cream,sweet, funny and cute stuffs.

A Filipina, Artist, Bookworm, Fangirl, God Believer, V.I.P, Wonderful, BlackJack, B2UTY, Geeky, Online Gamer, Fun, Radom and Frustrated Drummer/ Hacker


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Wow - Fantastic Baby!


Doodle Art Part 2! 

Think like a BOSS

Stare and then *faint*

After 3hrs.!I’m finally done in my "Project BB Jacket" (for myself actually). For preview purposes only (so sorry I can’t show you the whole part of my project)

I need to know the written text in the back of T.O.P’s jacket please help me T_T

Such a beautiful Tonight! Goodnight tumblr!